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    McCain Walls® Modular Containment Walls are the perfect solution for airports, healthcare facilities, and any open public space that requires isolated areas from the public. When dynamic and fluid situations like the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) call for quick action in creating isolated areas, we have the answer.

    Quick and easy to mobilize, our response team is ready to cover your needs and expedite your order.

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Runtime: 1:00

Containment Room Built in
30 Minutes

See how quick and easy it is to mobilize a McCain Walls system. It took two installers and 30 minutes to build an 8'W x 16'L containment room with reversed finished interior panels.

  • Containment Walls at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

    In the wake of the epedemic spread of COVID-19, a secondary screening area for passengers by the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) was required at the Boston Logan International Airport.

    Solution & Results:
    Gavin MacPherson, Superintendent with Suffolk Construction Boston received a phone call on a Saturday night to create a containment area. The following day his crew installed almost 400 linear feet of McCain Walls and instantly created the secondary screening area.

    In less than 14 hours, with a team that included 5 carpenters, 4 laborers, they had built a space that included:

    • Primary screening area for passengers
    • PPE room for screeners to don and doff PPE
    • Isolated vestibules
    • Two CDC triage rooms for treatment of infected passengers

    Proplex FR (corrugated plastic) was installed at the top of the McCain Walls to fill in the gaps to the ceiling and it was also used to line the interior of the walls.

    According to the project's superintendent, "tons of compliments were received" from agencies - U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Massport, and the Department of Homeland Security. "Could have not done it without McCain Walls," said Gavin MacPherson.

    “No other airport, of the 13 cleared for screening passengers had this kind of response. Unprecedented.”
    Department of Health and Human Services

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