Modular Walls Systems

Enjoy the cost-effective solution without the stress or mess of traditional drywall construction.

McCain Walls® robust modular systems are designed to facilitate the expansion of your facilities and maximize the use of your space without the disruption and high-cost of new construction.

Our walls are ideal for biotech manufacturing, industrial warehouses, breweries, commercial spaces, indoor grow rooms and more.

They easily reconfigure to meet your needs. Gain unlimited flexibility with cost-effective modular solutions designed to ease expansion, provide workspace without the disruption or high-cost of traditional construction.

The precut holes on the rails make it easy to install the interior wall panels in a snap.

No sanding, mudding, or painting is required, making this a dust-free application.

Available in a variety of beautiful, contemporary colors and textures, the two-sided interior finish walls change a dreary interior into a clean, modern space.


  • Extend the width and depth of a walls system by adding additional panels
  • Reach standard heights of 8' and 10'*, and up to 30' (stacked system)
  • Provide access to an enclosed area or office space with single and double doors
  • Easily install hardware-free doors
  • Flush universal door frames accept most off-the-shelf doors
  • Add windows to any modular walls system
  • Convert a modular enclosure into a cleanroom by adding a built-in plenum

Modular Walls Systems