Why Modular Is The Right Solution for Hospitals

Green, Alternative Solutions Increase Productivity

Hospital Construction is on the Rise

With hospital construction activity on the rise, so is the choice to use sustainable, eco-friendly products like McCain Walls reusable, modular, and recyclable solutions.

Using reusable modular products provide an endless amount of benefits:

  • Accelerate project schedules
  • Save time and labor with quick to install designs
  • Reduce building material waste
  • Reconfigurable to meet specific needs

Using traditional drywall barricades is a thing of the past. A limiting choice of material, drywall applications require an extensive process to achieve a finished surface – cutting, sanding, painting. McCain Walls hospital solutions , on the other hand, are prefabricated and arrive at the job site with a powder-coated, gloss finish. No sanding or painting is required, eliminating the dangerous VOCs and dust particles altogether.

Our reusable modular walls meet the need of single and multi-phase projects and surpass drywall installation in more ways than one.

Why McCain Walls Solutions?

McCain Walls provide privacy for your new developments until you are ready to reveal them to the public. If noise is a concern, optional insulation can be added to the metal panels, minimizing sound.

The fresh modern finish enhances surrounding environments, supporting sterile, clean controlled hospital areas while keeping construction away from patients.

The beauty of products like McCain Walls is that they provide solid, antimicrobial surfaces that can be reconfigured into partitions, rooms, permanent walls with very little impact or disruption to normal operations. Quick and easy to install, there is minimal cleanup involved.

Our reusable modular walls meet the need of single and multi-phase projects and surpasses drywall installation in more ways than one!