Temporary Walls Preferred Across US Airports

Contractors Choose McCain Walls for Temporary Barricades in Airport Construction Projects

In case you didn’t hear, McCain Walls is committed to helping save the planet one wall at a time, and this year we were kept busy doing so. Contractors across the US saw the value first-hand and chose McCain Walls as the alternative and sustainable walls solution over drywall or Formica-covered particle board. With so much to gain, the investment in reusable modular walls was the ideal choice for them, and for our planet earth.

The elimination of sanding, painting and disposing of drywall structures when the project is complete is something our walls replace. That is substantial, and we are proud to end this year knowing there is a little less in the landfills.

Construction projects in the airport industry were hot for modular this year! Some of the amazing projects McCain Walls were part of included Denver International (DEN), San Diego International (SAN), Honolulu International (HNL), Boston International (BOS), and Atlanta International (ATL), just to name a few.

We initially provided DEN 1.5 miles of modular walls, and because our walls are graphics ready, Denver’s team of creatives used them to show off a clever marketing campaign on conspiracy theories, creating buzz across all media. Anyone curious if it’s lizard people that they’re hiding behind the walls, and not construction? I know we are!

At San Diego Intl Airport (SAN), designers opted for reusable modular units rather than temporary to keep passengers and other customers out of work areas. At one point there were 20 separate construction sites within the terminal that needed to be screened from the public. SAN specified McCain Walls to be the preferred barrier between construction zones and travelers. This was exciting for us and the modular community.

With a 21st-century airport in the works, you can imagine the importance of using high-quality, attractive wall barricades that not only provides the security and aesthetics required, but that also enhances green construction initiatives.

No arguments that our walls fit the package.

We’re looking forward to 2019 and expanding to other industries like healthcare, hospitality, and retail and commercial real estate.