San Diego Intl Airport

450' of McCain Walls Installed in 2 1/2 Nights

450' of McCain Walls at the San Diego International Airport
Project Details: Security Upgrades Throughout Terminal 2

The project was completed in 2.5 evenings with four journey men and two assistants.

The project was completed in 2 1/2 evenings with four journey men and two assistants. The reconfigurable custom McCain Walls system included:

  • 450' of McCain Walls
  • Three varying heights: 9', 11', and 14'
  • Five 90-degree corners
  • A set of double doors
End Results

The quick and easy installation of the McCain Walls system accelerated the startup project, allowing contractors to be engaged longer on the project. Its sleek appearance blends with the airport's aesthetics, blurring the lines of what is temporary and what is permanent. The high-quality finish exceeds the industry standards, enhancing travelers' experience and satisfaction, which is important to the airport.

Project Photos

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