San Diego Int’l Upgrades its Construction Barriers

McCain Walls Helps Meet Project Schedule

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Published in: November-December, 2018

To meet officials’ high expectations for maintaining a great customer experience, the team designing the new Federal Inspection Station at San Diego International Airport (SAN) specified a new product to wall off construction zones from the traveling public.

Designers opted for reusable modular units rather than temporary drywall or Formica-covered particle board barriers to keep passengers and other customers out of work areas.

At one point, there were 20 separate construction sites within the terminal that needed to be screened from the public, notes Bob Bolton, director of design and construction at SAN.

Project documents for the new facility called for high-quality walls that could be installed with minimal mess and inconvenience to passengers. They didn’t, however, specify a specific brand.

“It was up to the design/build team as to how to meet these requirements,” says Bolton. Project manager Turner/PCL specified McCain Walls based on positive experiences it had with the product during previous projects. Dave Cattle, a Turner/PCL construction executive, notes that it was very important for SAN to maintain the expected customer experience throughout construction and at all times meet the schedule.

“We’re on a mission to ‘help save the planet, one wall at a time’,” says Jeffrey L. McCain, chief executive officer/founder of McCain Manufacturing. “We have invented what we believe is a 21st century, sustainable solution to drywall, and are proud to help enhance green airport construction across the U.S.”

The walls are made of steel frames covered with shaped aluminum panels that have a high-gloss white finish. McCain personnel say they are like a “giant Lego system” because the modular components are easy to assemble and offer many visual options.

Great spans of McCain Walls were installed overnight with none of the mess associated with erecting, sanding and painting drywall, notes Lisa McGuckin, president of PanAmar Inc., a sales agent for McCain Walls. The airport also saved the time and cost of tearing down and disposing drywall structures after the project was complete. Crews at SAN were able to dis-assemble and re-install the McCain Walls elsewhere the same night in a different configuration. Eventually, all parts of the wall system can be recycled.

Airports can customize the pre-painted panels with easily removable graphics, explains McGuckin. SAN decorated some of its temporary walls with directional signs and images from the annual Comic-Con festival. Reusable elements cost $10 to $20 per square foot.

The first large-scale installation of McCain Walls occurred in 2016 at Aria Resort Casino in Las Vegas. Los Angeles International was the first airport application, and SAN first used the system at its facilities while renovating restrooms last year. Since then, 11 other airports have followed suit. Typically, drywall contractors or general laborers install the walls, notes McGuckin.

At SAN, a six-person crew installed a 450-foot-long McCain Wall in 2½ nights. According to Cattle, using the temporary barriers helped the construction team meet its tight one-year schedule for the 130,000-square-foot facility.

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