Subway at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino

McCain Walls Becomes Subway's Temporary Long-term Wall Solution

McCain Walls at the Monte Carlo Casino
Project Details: New Subway Shop

McCain Walls have made drywall, plywood and other non-reusable materials used for temporary barricades a thing of the past.

The reusable and reconfigurable design of McCain Walls has given contractors like Rick with Buffalo Builders an opportunity to reuse them multiple times, saving them time and money on disposable material.

As a satisfied McCain Walls user, Rick has used them as short-term barricades for several Las Vegas casino renovation projects. Recently Rick decided to purchase an additional McCain Walls system and fully customize it for a long-term application.

While a brand-new Subway shop is built at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, a temporary Subway was created using McCain Walls, to continue generating revenue during construction.

Rick's team modified the modular temporary wall system to meet the restaurant's needs, engineering a substrate to incorporate HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. Tile and vinyl were also applied, as well as signage was mounted onto McCain Walls surface. Additional wall panels were used as ceiling panels, which were also modified to support lighting and HVAC.

McCain Walls provided a:

  • Structural exterior for a temporary subway
  • Ceiling solution for lighting and HVAC
  • Sturdy, smooth surface for Subway signage
  • Direct access to the casino with a single-door kit
End Results

McCain Walls flexible and versatile modular design has proven again that it can be customized to meet the needs of any project. Rick found a long-term temporary solution by making the necessary changes to install a temporary Subway. Revenue will continue to be generated while construction for the new Subway establishment goes underway.

Project Photos

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