Five Features To Consider When Selecting Walls

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Fit?

5 Features to Consider

For decades, the go-to solution for temporary walls has been studs and plywood or drywall barricades. The problem is that most of the materials used are a one-time deal that ends up in landfills. Not to mention are lengthy, multifaceted, and dusty installation and removal process.

Times have changed, and the stud and drywall method has become a thing of the past. A category of modular walls is now on the market, but with so many options, what should a project manager consider when choosing the right fit?

For a hassle-free selection process, choose a product that meets the following features:

  1. Eco-Friendly Design – the prefabricated wall system must be recyclable, manufactured from metal and powder coated to withstand elements, and ideally made in the USA.
  2. Flexible Solution – the modular walls must provide endless reconfigurable options and must be 100% reusable and adaptable. The option to integrate new components (windows, doors, corners) to an existing modular wall system is a must.
  3. Cost-effective System – to reduce the expense of one-time temporary wall building materials and services, the modular wall system must be reusable. Demountable and reusable wall systems can potentially fully depreciate the cost in 5 years.
  4. Quick and Easy to Use – to reduce installation time and labor, the modular walls must have easy to follow instructions, the wall components must have predrilled aligned holes, and must not require additional trade services (drywall, painting, demolition).
  5. Reduces Exposure – the surface of prefabricated modular walls must be easy to clean, reduce exposure to mold from water damage, and ideally provide anti-microbial coating as an option.

Many modular wall products on the market will meet one or two features, maybe even three, but only one stands out from the pack – McCain Walls.

Manufactured from recyclable metal and powder coated to provide a commercial-grade finish, McCain Walls are reusable, reconfigurable, and eco-friendly. Easy to keep clean, they are the ideal solution for reducing exposure to mold, dust, and other possible contaminants as a result of water damage.

The modular panel design provides endless configurations to accommodate new project requirements and can accept new components without dismantling the entire system when minor adjustments need to be made – like adding windows, doors, and corners. Support videos and instructions are available for quick and easy installations.

Reusable modular wall systems are the way to go, but only one will meet and exceed expectations while providing endless benefits.