Finding Affordable Workspace

Easy As Booking an Airbnb Location

Did you know “Coworking” is a thing? This collaborative, voluntary work style based on sharing common core values is unlike the traditional office lifestyle. According to CBRE, flexible office space is in demand and this shared economy is growing fast. It isn’t just home sharing services and Uber phone numbers in your contacts anymore, add coworking spaces. All companies and investors can maximize vacant spaces into coworking opportunities for growing businesses or provide a general open workspace solution.

Share economy means a person can rent a desk, office or unused warehouse at a lower cost and shorter term from a leasing office or company than committing to a long-term lease. This simple process removes legal teams and other committed investments. Companies are noticing the benefits and are even adding value perks to coworking opportunities like wi-fi, gourmet coffee, and on-site gym use to gain the flex space interests. Look for this trend of modernization in retail and restaurants as well.

For companies with extra space to share, offsetting the cost by renting out space sounds ideal, but logistically it can become cumbersome, especially if a quiet space is required for both parties. That can easily be accommodated with sustainable modular walls. Quick and easy to install, walls solutions like McCain Walls can easily be reconfigured into various layouts, expanding or reducing the desired rental space without the mess, cost, or headaches of traditionally constructed walls.

Maybe it’s time to look at other ways of saving and becoming more efficient with our space. They do say that “sharing is caring,” so why not care about helping others while caring about saving costs, and the environment all at the same time.

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