Avoid Wallboard Humidity Swell Altogether

Use Reusable Modular Walls Instead

Avoid Swelling

A phenomenon occurs when wallboard (gypsum panels) swells and causes imperfections in the finished project after multiple coats of joint compound and paint.

Why this occurs is still a mystery. Various factors could be to blame – finish material, rapid changes in temperature, humidity levels. Environmental control can be a challenge especially if the project is outdoors.

To avoid guessing games, headaches, and the added expense of fixing drywall swells, we recommend using modular walls instead. Reusable systems like McCain Walls are manufactured from recyclable aluminum and powder coated with commercial-grade finishes.

Quick and easy to install, McCain Walls is prefabricated to instantly provide a finished look without the need of joint compounds, sanding, painting, and the aftermath of humidity. For permanent flexible walls, various colors and finishes are available in the Two-Sided Interior Finish Panel Systems.

The modular panel design provides endless configurations to accommodate new project requirements and can accept new components without dismantling the entire system when minor adjustments need to be made – like adding windows, doors, and corners. Support videos and instructions are available for quick and easy installations.

Reusable modular wall systems are the way to go, but only one will meet and exceed expectations while providing endless benefits.