A Merry Message

2018 Has Been a Breakthrough Year

As 2018 comes to a close, I reflect on the past three years we’ve spent increasing awareness around our McCain Wall product line. Thanks to our extraordinary team, our independent representatives, and of course all of our terrific customers, it’s been a breakthrough year!

We’ve invented a 21st Century solution to drywall. In 2016 we launched our one-sided walls, primarily used for temporary barricade purposes by customers throughout North America. They continually have gained recognition. We now offer a two-sided version, promoting permanent-use applications. The advantages to this incredible product are boundless and we enjoy discovering new uses and results every day.

As we enter 2019, we have the wind at our back, and we begin the running stage of the crawl-walk-run march to greatness.

We will maintain our mission-driven, forward momentum in helping move the world into a more environmentally conscious future with our aluminum modular wall system. Our standout products truly offer a far more environmentally friendly solution to the industry, they are over 90% recyclable, cradle-to-cradle, which can be relocated, reused, refigured, or recycled per the customers’ requirements.

We will be adding more distribution channels, focusing more on the permanent use products, as well as the architectural designer wall series. We’ll put a larger emphasis on our two-sided product that is offered in both horizontal and vertical designs, as well as custom shapes. This version is fashioned for permanent installations, which eliminates the need for drywall in the majority of cases. Customers may choose almost any finish including architectural wraps, which can make the walls look like wood, marble, and a multitude of other choices.

We also offer painted colors using our in-house powder coating system. Wraps and paint are all factory installed, which means all solutions arrive at the jobsite finished. Ease of installation is fast, modern looking, maintenance friendly, and creates very little job site mess.

We’ll continue proudly manufacturing in our world-class, 100,000-square-foot facility in the United States of America. We’ll pursue stocking a variety of different sizes and shapes, so we can boast swift delivery times, but more importantly remain the industry leader in offering the world-class customer service we’re honored to provide!

I want to thank all of you for being a part of this wonderful success story, and we are sincerely excited to work together with you through 2019 and beyond. We hope you’re impassioned to join our mission of making the building industry greener and therefore save the planet, one wall at a time.

Again, from the whole McCain team and me, we wish you a very successful new year.

Jeffrey L. McCain, CEO