5 Top Reasons Why Choose Modular Walls

Deciding if you should use drywall partitions or a green alternative on your next project?

5 Top Reasons For Modular Walls

Let us help make that decision for you - here are five top reasons why you should use a McCain Walls® modular system on your next project:


1. Quick & Easy Installations
Our prefabricated walls leave the facility ready for install. There's no mudding, sanding, or painting required, making it a swift process.

leaf.png 2. Achieve LEED Points & Prerequisites
Enhance your eco-friendly projects by using reusable, sustainable modular walls that divert building material waste from landfills.
maximize.png 3. Maximize Resources & Save
Reduce costs related to labor and building materials with reusable and reconfigurable walls that are installed in a matter of hours with minimal tools and labor.
configurable.png 4. Customize Modular Solutions
The flexibility of McCain Walls can be reconfigured to support electrical, windows, HVAC, and HEPA filters among other applications.
silica-lungs.png 5. Enhance Respirable Silica Dust Initiatives
Provide your workers additional protection with enhanced construction-related silica dust initiatives. Manufactured from recyclable aluminum, powder-coated panels can be used as containment rooms, barricades, and temporary walls. 

Modular Walls Are Ideal For Many Industries 

Airports Healthcare Hotels & Casinos
Retail Space Office Buildings Construction Barricades