5 Reasons to Use Modular Walls

5 Reasons to Use Modular Walls

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5 Reasons to Use Modular Walls

Modular building is here to stay – for the modern business office, this is particularly true. Let’s look at the following list - in it, I’ll discuss the reasons that modular walls will continue to be an important feature of corporate workspaces.


The ability to change the layout of office spaces at short notice is crucial in today’s modern company. Perhaps your company has the need to constantly rearrange space for seminars, team building exercises, etc… This can obviously become costly with the need for outside construction teams to accomplish this. The “solution”, in this case, is that you wouldn’t do it at all. But, if your in-house maintenance team could handle the project in a few hours, by re-arranging your modular wall system, then you are back to flexibility mode.


For smaller companies that often downsize their operations in slower periods or experience growth when business is booming, the ability to set up shop in a new building using the same modular walls, is an obvious advantage. Companies that lease space often hesitate before investing much money in modifying their space but with modular wall systems, it is possible to personalize any office space without having to worry about the short-term cost or long-term investment. Modular wall systems solve the problem.

The Environment

Environmentally sustainable practices and eco-friendly development are 21st-century concerns. Any responsible company will take these measures to heart. Responsible development and acting to reduce your carbon footprint can only reflect greatly on your company. McCain Walls modular systems help in this area as they save your company from having to rip out old installations and put in new drywall every time you want to reconfigure the layout of your office. By reducing the number of building materials used in interior development you can have the flexibility you need while making a real difference for the environment.

Noise Reduction

We all know how high the noise levels can get in open-plan office spaces. By installing McCain Walls modular systems, this problem can be eliminated without making employees feel isolated or displaced. Modular wall systems create dynamic workspaces, give employees a feeling of autonomy and best of all, compartmentalize sound. All this while still allowing employees in different departments to communicate with each other effectively and in a work-efficient environment.


When moving your company to modular wall systems, your one-time cost is the initial system implementation. You’re never needing to call in a big crew to make office structure changes. We recommend McCain Walls modular systems. Coming in several different shapes, sizes and finishes, McCain Walls maintain the flexibility your company needs and produce dynamic workspaces that will make your employees happier and make your teams more efficient. It saves time and money, and that’s good sense.