2018 New Products Launched

McCain Walls Offers a Permanent Solution

For the last two years, our temporary one-sided wall barricades and partitions have disrupted the drywall industry, serving as an alternative sustainable wall product for construction projects.

This year we added our two-sided modular walls and architectural decorative panel systems to the flagship McCain Walls product line. These product offerings are available in both horizontal and vertical designs, as well as custom shapes and configurations.

The advantages to this incredible product are boundless and we enjoy discovering new uses and results every day!

We’ve taken our walls from temporary-use only to now include nearly endless permanent-use applications. When fashioned for permanent installations, our modular system and architectural wall panels can completely eliminate the need for drywall.

Customers may choose almost any finish including architectural wraps, which can make the walls look like wood, marble and a multitude of other choices. Painted panels are also an option and utilize our state of the art in-house powder coating system.

Wraps and paints are all factory installed, which means all our walls arrive at the job site finished and ready to install. Installation is extremely fast and the final product is modern looking, maintenance-friendly, and creates very little job site mess.

All McCain Walls products are at least 90% recyclable, cradle-to-cradle can be relocated, reused, reconfigured or recycled per the customers’ requirements. This commitment to our Environment and the future of our planet has proven sustainable in exceeding expectations.

We proudly manufacture our product in the U.S.A at our world-class, 100,000-square-foot LEED-Certified facility. We stock a variety of different sizes and shapes, so we can boast swift delivery times.

We hope you’re excited to join our mission of making the building industry greener and therefore save the planet, one wall at a time.