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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are McCain Walls?

McCain Walls systems are a modern solution for temporary barricades. Made from 100% recyclable aluminum or steel, the sleek and versatile wall panels create a barricade that can be easily configured for any project specification and are ideal for multi-phase jobs.

How strong and durable are McCain Walls compared to drywall barriers?

McCain Walls are substantially stronger and durable. Manufactured from high-quality .090 THK 5052 aluminum, our modular walls provide a high degree of security and strength, compared to drywall.

How are damaged panels repaired?

​​Individual panels can be quickly removed and replaced without disassembling the entire wall. To order a replacement panel contact us at 760.295.9230.

How are the modular panels stored when not in use?

​Panels can be stacked on pallets that were provided with shipment. They take up minimal space.

How can I request a quote for an upcoming project?

To request a quote, contact us at 760.295.9230 or submit a request.

How long does it take to receive a McCain Walls system?

​Lead time varies on the order of size, but generally the turnaround is quick. We have inventory in stock ready to ship out. For accurate information regarding your order, contact us.

Do McCain Walls meet UL ratings?

McCain Walls UL test results meet Class A Fire rating.

Are the modular temporary wall systems manufactured in the US?

​Yes, McCain Walls panels, rails, and door kits are manufactured in in San Diego, CA by McCain Manufacturing.

Are McCain Walls cost effective?

​Yes, McCain Walls can be used over and over again, which allows bottom lines to be increased by prorating the price over multiple jobs or phases at a fraction of the cost of comparable drywall barricades.

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Product Specifications

What is the height of a standard McCain Walls system?

McCain Walls are available in three standard heights - 8', 10', and 12'. Custom heights are available depending on the scope of the project; for details contact us.

Can a McCain Walls system be extended or shortened in length to meet job specifications?

Yes. All McCain Walls can be reconfigured to meet any job specifications. In order to easily increase the length of McCain Walls temporary walls system, additional rails and panels can be ordered. To reduce the length, simply remove panels and cut rails to desired length. For additional information on increasing or reducing the length of your McCain Walls system, contact your sales representative.

How many times can a McCain Walls system be reused?

​Unlike traditional drywall that can only be used once, McCain Walls are designed to be reused as many times and are ideal for multi-phase projects. With its high-quality, durable powder coating finish, the modular temporary walls can handle multiple re-configurations.

How can McCain Walls be sealed to surrounding surfaces for dust control?

There are various methods of doing this. It will depend on the job specifications. For details, contact us at 760.295.9230.

Are McCain Walls suitable for indoor or outdoor applications?

McCain Walls can be used indoors or outdoor. The powder coated metal panels shed water and do not warp or fatigue from exposure to sunlight or moisture.


How complex is the installation process?

The installation of a McCain Walls system is quick, easy, and hassle-free. It can be done at the fraction of the time and cost it takes to build a traditional drywall system. While a drywall system will take days to complete, a McCain Walls system will go up in a matter of hours with easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation instructions.

Are installation instructions available?

Yes. Each McCain Walls system comes with basic, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, making the installation hassle-free. Instructions are included in each McCain Walls kits and are available online.

How long will it take to install a standard 30' McCain Walls system?

A standard 30' modular, temporary wall system with a single door can be installed in two man hours, as done at the UC San Diego Medical Center.

Many of the modular parts look similar to each other, how can I tell them apart?

We've designed a color-coded label system to help identify all McCain Walls system components. A color-coded reference guide is available online in the resource center, inside the installation instructions, and a customer handout is also included in the product packet that is delivered with McCain Walls modular temporary wall system.

How is a McCain Walls system secured when the ceiling is too high or there are no existing walls?

Anchor mounts and sandbag mounts are available, as well as ceiling mounts for these type of special projects.

Can McCain Walls be connected to a traditional drywall system?

​McCain Walls can be attached to an existing drywall system using standard drywall anchoring methods(screws, anchors, steel studs, 3M™ double-sided tape, etc.).

How is the McCain Walls secured?

McCain Walls modular temporary system can be mounted to the floor, ceiling, and or existing wall structures using various mounting methods. Depending on the project specifications, will depend on what type of mounting features are used.

Coatings & Finishes

What type of finish do McCain Walls come in?

McCain Walls systems are powder coated in a high-quality, superior high-gloss white finish. Optional coatings are available.

Is the McCain Walls system graphics ready?

Yes. Our walls are powder coated in a smooth, high-quality finish ready for graphic applications, enhancing your brand management. The high-durable finish is ideal for adding graphics to communicate a brand message.

Is there additional coatings available that will protect the modular walls surface?

Yes, superior anti-graffiti & anti-microbial coatings are available as an option.

If needed, where can I find touch up paint?

​McCain Manufacturing will provide touch up paint if needed, but our high-quality, powder coat finish is very durable. Contact your sales representative for details.​

Optional Features

Can doors be added to a McCain Walls system?

​Yes. Commercial-grade aluminum doors are available as an option in single and double-door configurations, and can be placed as needed.

Do doors have locks?

Yes. Doors have commercial-lever type lock sets, and can accommodate lock sets with 2 3/4" back set if needed. Interchangeable core lock sets are available as an added option.

Is noise control available?

The open-back wall panels with built-in beams are sized to accept insulation that will help absorb sound, and reduce noise.

Are corner guards available?

Our McCain Walls have smooth corners and do not require corner guards; we do not provide corner guards. If your project requires corner guards, any commercial guard can be applied with a spray adhesive.


Is this a green, environmentally-friendly product?

​Yes. McCain Walls are manufactured with recyclable aluminum material and is a reusable product, unlike drywall that can only be used once and is not recyclable.

What are the environmental benefits of a McCain Walls system?

McCain Walls are designed to be reused as many times, and recycled when it is no longer needed, avoiding unnecessary landfill waste.

Ideal Solutions For

Where can a McCain Walls system be used?

McCain Walls can be used on any new, remodel, or retrofit project across a multitude of industries which include:

  • Airports
  • Casinos
  • City & Government Facilities
  • Commercial Space
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Sport Venues
  • Universities
  • and many more...

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